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Five Ways To Use Aggregates


With so many different sizes, shapes and colours of aggregates it can be difficult to know how best use them. Here are five ways you could do that!

  1. Improve Your Drainage – Drainage is essential for both plants and paths. You’ll find that if you place aggregates at the bottom of your planters, water will filter through easily without taking soil with it. You can also use decorative aggregate atop flowerbeds to help increase drainage in those areas as well – but be careful not cover up any roots or other vital parts below ground level; this could cause unwanted problems later on down the line when things need more moisture than usual due lack of sun shine (or irrigation).
  2. Resurface Driveways – There are many options for resurfacing your driveway, including aggregates. These can be spread over the surface and depending on the type of aggregate you choose they will tend to lock together creating a solid pavement that dries quickly so it’s safe when wet or snowy outside. Not only does this make driving more enjoyable but also keeps drivers from getting stuck in slippery conditions!
  3. Decoration to Fill in Gaps – Do you have spaces in your garden beds where nothing is growing just yet? Or maybe gaps between plants that will eventually be much larger, but don’t want them taking up valuable space until they’re absolutely necessary for cover or support of other vegetation. These areas can instead be decorated with decorative aggregates – either wood chips or gravel- to give the entire area some extra flair while also making it stand out among its surroundings more than before!
  4. Create a Path – Durable paths may be created by using just edging and aggregate in the centre, or you can mix it with concrete for more stability. Look at what kind of gravel is available before choosing how wide your walkway will ultimately end up being- white stone works best as it stands out well against dark surroundings (not to mention helps guide guests!).
  5. Protect Pipes – You can protect your pipes by digging deeper trenches and then adding a layer of gravel or fine aggregate along the bottom. This will cushion any exposed parts, preventing damage from shifting ground or people walking overhead while also helping prevent issues with cars passing over when they drive over this layer in their vehicle.

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